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Welcome to Circle Lens Store — корейские цветные линзы увеличивающие глаза
Why buy ordinary colored contacts, when you can buy circle lens? After all, they not only give you the desired color, but also make your eyes look bigger and expressive! Circle lens are the widely known Korean colored contacts; they visually enlarge the iris of your eyes, giving them depth and originality.
Circle Lens Store is one of the biggest online stores of colored contact lenses with big diameters. Here you can buy also cosplay & anime lenses, fancy/carnival lenses, scleral lenses, UV glow lenses and even ultra-natural Solotica lenses. Our shipping is worldwide.
Be sure that you will find exactly what you need among the wide variety of contacts lenses presented in Circle Lens Store!
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Myth and Reality Unfortunately, some people are still exposed to ridiculous myths and delusions connected with circle lenses. Let’s dispel them. Myth 1: Children and teenagers can’t wear circle lens. Reality: Any colored contacts, including circle lenses, are possibl … читать далее

Добавлено: 15/03/2014
How do you know whether you have original GEO Medical colored contacts? Just enter the 20-digit serial code from a security label that is located on the packaging of the lens on the site GEO Anti-Fake System: This is the only site where you can c … читать далее

Добавлено: 15/03/2014